Waterline Museum | Parachute Jump

In a specially designed moving chair with your legs dangling in the air, you place the Oculus Rift headset on your head. Once you wear the headset you’ll still see the Waterline Museum, but instead in a virtual environment. Furthermore, you’ll be moving. Slowly you will float out of the building and go higher and higher into the sky until you gain a complete view of the waterline. Gravity is then turned on and you will suddenly fall down while the story of the waterline is told and visualised on the landscape below you. Fortunately, halfway down the parachute opens. A truly unique virtual reality experience!

For this installation I was responsible for all of the programming. For the very talented designer and animator Joram van Loenen I also created a tool within the Unity editor to easily animate and design the experience. This enabled us to iterate en develop the experience in a fast pace.