Emma Children’s Hospital | Interactive Installation

How to create an experience that’s fun for all ages, can be played together and by children with a disability? We had to design an experience that comes alive and invites people to play, no matter what age, religion or disability. Together with amazing designer Judith Van De Graaf we created an interactive world where people passing by become puppets with special abilities, and can interact with objects in the world and with eachother. There are no points, no goals, just beautiful world where people can play, on their own or with eachother, and forget the world around them.

This installation is displayed on five High Definition displays, running on a resolution of 9888×1080. The application is developed with the use of Cinder creative coding framework and the Box2D physics engine. The people passing by are detected by three kinect sensors. Each kinect sensor has its own computer, that translates the skeleton data into OSC and sends it to the main computer, which processes the data and turns people into controllable puppets.

This installation has been nominated for a Cinekid New Media Award 2013