ABN Amro | The Lockdown

Turn any room into a world class escape room

In a mobile augmented reality (AR) experience, available in the Apple and Google Play Store, The Lockdown turns your own room at home into an Escape Room. Together with CodeD’Azur, Ruud op den Kelder, ABN AMRO and Sherlocked (the mystery experts behind some of the best Escape Rooms on the planet) I build an AR Escape room utilizing ARCore and ARKit.

AR technology is combined with video assets to bring this story to life: In 2028, ‘Money’ has become fully digital and is secured on the blockchain. But when the blockchain turns out to not be as safe as previously thought, you are called upon as an IT expert to help find the leak and save the world from financial disaster. Once you’ve set up your ‘holodesk’ and ‘infowall’, the game takes you past several challenges that have to be solved around themes that include Artificial Intelligence, Info-security, Cryptocurrency and Blockchain.