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Real-time interactive digital startling swarm software on 55” LG video-wall screens with camera

Studio Drift commissioned NAP labs, the company at which I was working as lead engineer to create, design and program a real-time interactive flock simulating around 50.000 startling’s.

The flocking algorithm is developed using Vulkan compute shaders and the rendering of the atmosphere is done by an Atmospheric Scattering implementation. This causes the behavior of the flock and its environment to change in real time over the course of the day.

I was responsible for the Intel RealSense camera implementation for which I developed a custom NAP module against the Intel RealSense C++ SDK, the module features a free GPU implementation of deprojection methods used by the Intel RealSense C++ SDK enabling the user to display and create point clouds using the depth and color streams of the camera with blazingly fast performance on the GPU. Also, the RealSense module works in tantrum with an implementation of canny edge detection using openCV so we can accurately track objects and people moving in front of the art piece.

Lesley van Hoek was responsible for implementing the flocking behaviour using Vulkan compute of which he wrote an excellent article.

Coen Klosters was responsible for implementing the Atmospheric Scattering model and rendering.